Lydia Eyre

Lydia first volunteered the Sauvie Island Center through a PSU Capstone service learning class in fall 2015. After the term finished, she continued volunteering and has become one of our most dependable and hard-working volunteers. Lydia can always be called upon to help staff a field trip, and often arrives early and stays late to make sure she and everyone else has a successful day. When not volunteering, Lydia is going to school full-time to become an early childhood educator.

Share one thing you’ve learned from teaching at SIC:

“One thing that I have learned from Sauvie Island Center is that there are so many different ways to teach and get the kids engaged in learning. If you ask for volunteers and give every student hands-on learning, they will be able to remember what you taught them and how everything links together.”

What is your favorite thing about volunteering at SIC?

“One of my favorite things from volunteering would be seeing the light bulbs go off in the kids’ head when they realize that everything is connected from the soil through the seed to us, and that how we treat the land affects how the plants grow.”