Fall on the Farm

Week three of Fall field trips is upon us, and we couldn’t be happier with the way this season is shaping up! We have a great group of committed staff and enthusiastic volunteers, and together we’ve planted seeds, held worms, and tasted kale with almost 200 Portland students.

Fall is harvest time on the farm, and we like to take full advantage of the bountiful fresh fruits and veggies around us. Through our Plant Parts module, students get to hang out on the farm and taste some pretty delicious crops that our farmer friends are generous enough to share with us. So far this year, we’ve tried Red Russian kale, lemon and Armenian cucumbers, and Sungold tomatoes. Kids love them all – and tend to think the Sungolds taste like candy 🙂

We also put the students to work in our Grow Lunch Garden! Our Seed to Harvest module is packed full this time of year with tasting lots of fruits and veggies, helping to plant seeds, learning about plant life cycles, and maybe even doing some weeding if we have the time. One of the most exciting moments for many students is realizing that fennel flowers taste like black licorice… telling kids to leave enough fennel for their classmates is a pretty good problem to have.

A day at Sauvie Island doesn’t entirely consist of snacking on tomatoes and cucumbers, though – our third Fall season module is Soil and Compost, where kids get to dig through our very own worm bin. It’s pretty magical to see the fascination and respect that students have for our little decomposer friends. After learning about how important worms are to healthy soil, almost all students take the opportunity to carefully hold a worm or two… and usually ask for their picture to be taken with their new friend.

We can’t wait for the veggie and worm-filled weeks to come! Hope to see you on the farm sometime soon! And if you’d like to check out more photos from the Fall field trip season, you can see them in our Facebook album 🙂