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Pollination Celebration

A Family Farm Day presented by Whole Foods Market – Saturday, June 18th 2016 10 am to 1 pm

Come meet these hard working friends of the farm at Pollination Celebration, our annual event in support of  National Pollinator Week. Pollination Celebration, which will  be held on the grounds of Howell Territorial Park and the Sauvie Island Organics farm on 6/18 from 10 am to 1 pm, will offer guests a sneak peek into the world of pollinators, the challenges they face and the important role pollinators play in our food supply.  In addition to Sauvie Island Center’s own staff, subject matter experts from our event partner Metro will be on hand for the celebration. A donation of $10 per family is suggested to cover event costs and pre-registration, via the form below, is requested.

The registration area will be positioned near the parking lot of Howell Territorial Park. Everyone will receive a pollinator passport and a map of the event. From there guests will depart for a self-guided tour visiting variety of hosted stations around the farm and on the grounds of the park.


What’s the Buzz About Bees? Visit the art station in the forest to make antennae, plant sunflower seeds in compostable containers and more.

New Metro LOgoVisit the Bee Doctor! The doctor is in at the small shelter near the big, red barn. Here volunteers from Metro will help us learn more about insect stings. Who stings, why they sting, and how to avoid getting stung.

Honey, I Love You!  Stop to taste some honey at the entrance to the orchard. Learn how flowers impact the flavor of honey.

Who Am I?  Learn about all different kinds of pollinators in this fun, interactive game located in the center of the orchard.

That Bee Just Gave Me an Apple!  Dissect flowers and seeds and learn about the important role pollinators play in our food supply.

Waggle Dance! Learn how bees communicate with each other by shaking their abdomens. The honey bee waggle dance is the only known symbolic languages that exists among species other than humans and primates.

Find Your Home! Visit the Native Hedgerow and search for pollinator homes.

Thanks to Whole Foods Market for making these Family Farm Days possible!  A special thanks goes out to our event partner Metro. Please visit Metro Pollinators for information on additional pollinator events and resources.

Our pollinator curriculum was created in partnership with The Xerxes Society, a non-profit organization that protects wildlife through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitat. With the farm, orchard and native plant hedgerow as our classroom, staff members and volunteers guide students through the lesson on how pollination works and its role on our farm and in our food supply.

It has been seven years since the US Senate designated a week in June as National Pollinator Week, which marked an important step in addressing the urgent issue of declining pollinator populations. To learn more about what is happening, and what you can do, visit the Pollinator Partnership website.


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