Did it Grow in Oregon?

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Did it Grow in Oregon?

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Did it Grow in Oregon

When students arrive for farm field trips we always ask them what they think they’ll see growing on the farm. We hear all kinds of different answers from “bananas” to “carrots.”  Thanks to a new project funded by the Oregon Department of Agriculture we’ll be helping children and their families learn more about the foods that grow well in our climate.  The goal of the Farm to Kitchen Project is to increase awareness of and preference for locally grown produce.

What are kids saying about trying new veggies and cooking up the bundles they take home from the farm?

fava greens 2


“My favorite meal with veggies is Daddy fried rice”


fava greens


“Fava greens are like something amazing coming down from the sky.”



fava greens 3


“I want to come here (to the farm) tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that…”


ogc_cmyk_ego_preferred_print transparentIn 2016 and 2017 more than 800 elementary school students from North Portland will participate in this project with a special focus on the question “Did it Grow in Oregon?”  Through field trips to the Sauvie Island Center and a week of summer camp, kids will spend time on our working farm learning about food and how it grows.

Logo_2_R7_lloydAt the end of the day, every child will have a bundle of fresh, seasonal veggies and family-friendly recipes to take home.  They’ll also have a “Did it Grow in Oregon?” game card. In the game kids are encouraged to visit local grocery stores or farmers markets to look for vegetables that grew locally.  Thanks to our partners Green Zebra Grocery and the Organically Grown Company every child returning a game card will win a prize from our pool, which includes custom lunch totes, custom aprons and best of all a $10 gift card for Green Zebra Grocery.


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