Seedling Society

 Your donation will help us grow healthier kids!

Ten years ago this May 27th a big yellow school bus rolled into Howell Territorial Park. The students on that bus were the first to participate in our field trip program. Since that day we’ve served more than 10,000 children with school field trips, summer camps and family enrichment days. Over the same period of time we’ve enhanced and expanded our curriculum, including an entirely new section on pollinators.

You may be wondering where we go from here. We’re in the third year of our second five-year plan. Our top priority continues to be serving more children. We are also offering expanded family-friendly events, providing parents and kids the chance to explore, grow and learn together.  Our hope is that by spending time together on the farm, families will prioritize locally-grown, healthier food.

We’re so grateful for everyone who has supported us over these past eleven years. With your help, we will continue to grow healthier children and a brighter future for all.

Join the Seedling Society 

The Seedling Society, is our monthly giving program.  Membership is the most efficient way to support our work, putting more of your money directly into farm time for children.


“Kale is the bomb!” – Jose, 4th grader

“They had to pull me away from the cherry tomatoes” – Marielle, 3rd grader

…“Learning on the farm is way more fun than in school” – Tyler, 3rd grader



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