Help Aly Seed Our Future

What grows on a farm? We believe kids do.

Aly Ferris, Board Member

Hey everyone,

I first got involved with the Sauvie Island Center when I took my students there on a field trip five years ago. Although they had been to farms before, they’d never been anywhere where they were encouraged to sample organic produce straight out of the ground. They’d never been anywhere where they could climb in, on, and around the compost pile. They’d never been able to get their hands dirty digging through a worm bin. Many of them had never used knives and cutting boards, let alone gas grills and tortilla presses, to cook a meal for other people. The learning and empowerment that these kids get from harvesting, washing, cooking, and then eating their own food is greater than anything we could read about in a book or watch in a movie.

But I want all students to have this experience, not just the ones that go to school on Sauvie Island. ALL students should have the opportunity to cook and to eat, to plant and to get muddy, to harvest and to wash clean. I set my fundraising goal at $500 for the year because I want to make this field trip a reality for as many students as possible. Will you help me?



Help us grow.

For more than 10 years, the Sauvie Island Center has helped Portland-area children dig into the dirt and learn about food and farming through our educational programs on the Sauvie Island Organics farm and in Metro’s Howell Territorial Park.

Join the Seedling Society – our monthly giving program. Membership is the most efficient way to support our work, putting more of your money directly into farm time for children.



“I’d rather have kale than candy!” – Montclair Elementary School Student

“Eating vegetables is like a rainbow in your mouth.” – Ayalet, Summer Camper