Help Joanne Seed Our Future

What grows on a farm? We believe kids do.

Joanne Lazo, Marketing Manager

Hi Friends,

Joining the staff of the Sauvie Island Center five years ago changed my life. After spending some time on the farm and embracing the Center’s mission, I knew that it could change kids’ lives too.  On the farm I see the dramatic transformation in their attitudes when kids see how food grows on farms and what it tastes like straight from the field. Simply put, they get excited. They try everything and love most of what they taste. Dissecting seeds and testing the soil, they become eager, empowered little scientists.  These experiences set children up for healthier lives – and their excitement is infectious.

I want to make farm visits available to more kids – especially those in under-served communities. My goal is simple: to raise enough money to sponsor a field trip. Classes tend to have about 25 kids, and the cost for one child to visit the farm is approximately $14. Will you help me raise $350? Every $14 we raise means one more kid gets the chance to spend the day tasting, growing and learning on the farm. Who knows where they’ll go from there?

Thanks – Joanne

Help us grow.

For more than 10 years, the Sauvie Island Center has been helping Portland-area children dig into the dirt and learn about food and farming through our educational programs on the Sauvie Island Organics farm and in Metro’s Howell Territorial Park.

Join the Seedling Society – our monthly giving program. Membership is the most efficient way to support our work, putting more of your money directly into farm time for children.

“I’d rather have kale than candy!” – Montclair Elementary School Student

“Eating vegetables is like a rainbow in your mouth.” – Ayalet, Summer Camper