Help Marisha Seed Our Future

What grows on a farm? We believe kids do.

Marisha Childs, Board Member


I am an attorney who represents youth.  I often hear about how families are sustaining themselves on a can of beans between them or a bag of chips.  When a kiddo tells you they want to eat healthy, that speaks volumes.  I joined SIC because I believe we can move to a place of self-sufficiency.  We have the capacity to grow amazing things and can feed our bodies and souls by being outside.  I love how excited kids get at planting something, watching it grow, and eating their newly picked food.  When kids want to eat green beans or kale because they just picked it, its a success.  All kids deserve the ability to eat healthfully.  I hope you will donate to bring more kids to the farm and learn the joy of getting in the dirt and growing your own food.

Thank you – Marisha

Help us grow.

For more than 10 years, the Sauvie Island Center has been helping Portland-area children dig into the dirt and learn about food and farming through our educational programs on the Sauvie Island Organics farm and in Metro’s Howell Territorial Park.

Join the Seedling Society – our monthly giving program. Membership is the most efficient way to support our work, putting more of your money directly into farm time for children.
website-circles-4“Kale is the bomb!” – Jose, 4th grader

“They had to pull me away from the cherry tomatoes” – Marielle, 3rd grader