Leaves are falling on the farm

Here we are, with only three weeks of fall field trips left. We can hardly believe it! This season has been full of sun, rain, wind, new faces, familiar faces, changes, plants, worms, and lots of excitement. As we begin to reflect upon the fall season, we thought we’d share some highlights and developments:

Our Plant Parts module has shifted a little this fall, and we love the way it’s looking (and think the students do too)! We have simplified the module, so that students have way more time to learn about plant parts by exploring the farm. We’ve lengthened the farm walk and introduced some very cool two-way viewers (picture below) for the kids to examine plant parts with. So far we’ve found that volunteers love teaching it and kids love participating.

As usual, our Seed to Harvest module is full of delicious tastings, as well as some very helpful garden work. We’ve tried fennel, borage, mustard, cauliflower, kale, nasturtium, calendula, green onion, cilantro, parsley, sunflower seeds, and so much more with students. We’ve also worked on planting seeds, weeding, dead-heading, and more in the way of garden tasks. This is the first time we’ll be over-wintering a portion of the garden, so that’s an exciting new development for SIC staff! Below we have Faubian second graders passing around calendula petals to try.

And of course, there’s Soil and Compost. Each year this module seems to get better and better, and this year is no exception. It is packed full of fun activities, and the students always love it. This fall we’ve started using new worm bins, which have been a huge success (picture below). Our worm bins are healthier than ever, and have provided amazing opportunities for the students to learn about soil, compost, and decomposers. We’ve also started to incorporate our Forest and the Food Web scavenger hunt into Soil and Compost modules when we have the time. It has been incredible watching the kids explore the forest and learn about food webs!

We hope your fall has been as great as ours has! We’ll be spending the last few weeks of it soaking up the farm before we close it down for winter and head into elementary school classrooms to teach! If you’d like to see more photos from our fall field trips, check out our Facebook album.