Introducing Digital Field Trips

Big news here at SIC: we’re turning farm field trips digital! We’ve been working hard over the past several weeks to develop curriculum that you can utilize while staying home and staying healthy. 

Just because we can’t learn on the farm this spring, doesn’t mean we can’t learn about the farm. Our digital field trips are packed with mini-lessons and hands-on activities about pollinators, plants, gardening and more. Our curriculum encourages students to get up and explore – whether that means spotting honeybees from the front porch or finding vegetables in their kitchen. 

SIC staff has developed the entire curriculum. Some lessons, like Plant Parts and Seed to Harvest, feature 100% original SIC staff content. Others will occasionally draw from reliable outside sources when we feel like they can do a superior job than we can at covering certain content areas. We are so excited to share this fun, educational, and eclectic field trip package with you and your students. 

Our digital field trip curriculum consists of 10 weeks of content. Each week, teachers will receive 5 mini lessons/activities covering the following subjects: pollination, seed to harvest, plant parts, recipes, and farm updates (if you hadn’t heard, we’re moving! Farm updates will cover progress we’re making on our new Grow Lunch Garden at Topaz Farm. Click here for more info on the move). Each lesson will be 2-3 minutes long; the idea is to provide a fun, educational peek into different aspects of food, farming, and the land. 

For example, one of our Plant Parts lessons features a “Plant Parts in My Kitchen” scavenger hunt. After students have learned about plant parts in previous lessons, this mini-lesson walks them through going on a hunt in their kitchen to identify different plant parts. Students will learn real world skills like how to read food labels and look at pictures on packaging to spot plant parts hiding in different foods they might have in their freezer or cupboard. 

If you are interested in receiving our digital field trip curriculum, the cost is $200 per class. If your entire school would like access to our digital field trip curriculum, the cost is $500. We are also offering the option to purchase the full 10 week curriculum in only one subject for $50:

If you are only interested in, for instance, the Plant Parts curriculum, you can purchase the entire 10 weeks of Plant Parts for $50. Depending on when you place your order, we may not be able to deliver the entire curriculum at once, as we are still in the developing stages for some of the later weeks of curriculum.

Digital Field Trips are available to any teachers and schools that are interested, even if you have never been on an SIC field trip before!

If you have questions about the programming side of Digital Field Trips, please reach out to our Program Manager Aliesje King at

If you have questions about subscribing to Digital Field Trips, please reach out to our Executive Director Joanne Lazo at

As always, our number one goal is to provide the students we serve with safe, equitable, educational, and fun learning opportunities. We hope and believe that our digital field trip curriculum will accomplish this. We are so excited to begin this new journey with our community, and can’t wait till we all connect in nature once again.