The Sauvie Island Center Equity, and Inclusion Steering Committee embraces all parts of our community—from students to staff, our board of directors, partners, community members and other constituents. The committee functions as an advisory body to the staff and board. The committee’s goal is to support an inclusive culture, particularly with respect to groups that have been historically marginalized. The committee will provide a framework for learning and sharing innovative programs and best practices that enhance diversity and inclusion to create a sense of belonging.

The Equity Steering Committee will meet quarterly for about two hours. Before each meeting members will receive an agenda and pre-read, which will provide a framework for discussion and decisions. Each agenda will be developed by the committee in partnership with a board liaison and the Executive Director. To gain an understanding of both our program and the students that we serve, committee members are also encouraged to shadow one field trip. A stipend of $100 per quarter is offered for the three to four hour commitment. A one time stipend of $50 for field trip observation is also offered.

How we work

We recognize that equity work can be difficult and that we are constantly learning and growing. We acknowledge that we will make mistakes and that it is our responsibility to own those mistakes, learn from them and take corrective action whenever possible. We believe that it is important to take part in the work to eliminate the inequities of historically marginalized groups. We hope to deepen community relationships and encourage others to continue to learn and grow.

We will do this by:

  • Supporting community partners to advance racial equity – Committing to hiring a racially diverse workforce
  • Creating inclusive, safe and welcoming programs – Question our assumptions, interrupt the status quo, and challenge dominant culture thinking through how we develop and present programing
  • Being transparent about the way we work and the way decisions are made
  • Continuing regular meetings of our Equity steering committee
  • Drafting and implementing an Equity Plan with approval and commitment from the Board

If you are interested in joining our equity steering committee, please contact Joanne Lazo, Executive Director, for more information.

Thank you, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Joanne Lazo
Executive Director

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