Probiotic Farming workshop Friday, March 25th 10am-2pm @ Topaz Farm

We are happy to be offering another workshop with Cuauhtemoc at our beautiful home on Topaz Farm! If you aren’t sure what Probiotic farming is, you want to learn more, or you simply want to find sustainable agriculture or gardening community, join us on the farm!

What is Probiotic Farming?

Probiotic farming is a combination of several practices meant to increase biodiversity and soil health, thus increasing productivity and healthy ecosystems. Think of introducing good bacteria, such as probiotics, to a human gut for health – Probiotic farming introduces microorganisms to the land for soil and plant health. Check out this video on EM, Effective Microorganisms, which Cuauhtemoc will discuss during the workshop. For more information on how probiotics can be introduced to the land, watch this short video of our Workshop’s leader, Cuauhtemoc Villa, talking about biochar, microbes, and the interconnectedness of it all – we bet you’ll be inspired!

About Cuauhtemoc Villa

To really know what to expect at the Workshop you need to know a little bit about the workshop’s leader, the incredible Cuauhtemoc Villa. We have had the pleasure of collaborating with and learning from Cuauhtemoc over the last year.

Cuauhtemoc is a descendant of the Taino people of the Caribbean Islands. Combining Tribal Ecological Knowledge and regenerative farming practices, Cuauhtémoc helps farmers and educators adopt and share practices that protect and improve the land, water and environment. He is a passionate educator, using the storytelling techniques of his ancestors to teach farmers and children about microbiology and soil health.

Today Cuauhtémoc lives on Sauvie Island. He is actively collaborating with Topaz Farm, an emerging leader in regenerative farming practices, while also supporting the Sauvie Island Center’s farm-based education programs. 

On any given day you might find Cuauhtémoc on Topaz Farm mixing up a batch of bokashi or organizing a biochar burn. You can learn more about Cuauhtémoc’s inspiration for conservation work in the short film “The Sky Is the Roof” (Suscol Intertribal Council).

Workshop details

DATE & TIME: Friday, March 25th from 10am – 2pm at Topaz Farm. You are welcome

 to join us at ten and leave whenever fits your schedule.

This hands-on workshop is open to anyone who is interested in coming out and learning and growing with us; this workshop is offered on a sliding scale from $5-$25. If you are unable to make the suggested donation at this timeplease contact us.

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