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Fall 2022 Field Trips: A Recap

Hello Friends and Farmers. Our final Fall 2022 Field Trip was on November 17th. Thank you for another lovely season. It was a delight to be running our program at pre-pandemic capacity.   We ran 24 field trips, serving around 650 students from Portland and Scappoose School Districts, and all but 3 of those trips […]

TOMORROW! Family Farm Day 11/11/22

It’s been two years since our last Family Farm Day. Tomorrow, that changes! School is out on Friday, November 11th.  And we’re so excited to host you!    At 10 AM, we will have activity stations set up and knowledgeable educators to facilitate* your morning in the garden. Step One: Pickup your Passport from the […]

Family Farm Days: Pollination Station

Here at the Sauvie Island Center, we love bees! And butterflies, hummingbirds, bats, beetles, ants, flies and even mosquitos (OK fine, we’re still working on that last one — don’t tell the kids!). Why? Because they’re all pollinators! Pollen hitches a ride on these keystones species as they feed on nectar, fertilizing the plant so […]

Family Farm Day: Seed Dissection

Family Farm Day has been RESCHEDULED but is still coming up. Mark your Calendars for Friday, November 11th at 10 AM at the Grow Lunch Garden, where you can have the opportunity to get a sneak peek inside a seed. Seeds contain all the biological information to grow the next generation of plants. Seeds carry not just […]

Family Farm Day: Plant Part Art

You’ll never pay as close attention to the individual cup-shaped flowers of a lavender or vein patterns on a carrot until you try to draw it. That’s why we love botanical illustration at the Sauvie Island Center — it’s the naturalist’s Life Hack to learning Plant ID. And at our upcoming Family Farm Day, you […]

Family Farm Day: Soil Exploration

Family Farm Day: Friday, November 11th at 10 AM on Topaz Farm. “Ewwww!! AWESOME!!!” is something you might hear children scream during a typical Soil and Compost lesson. It all starts with soil. Gardens. Seeds. Roots. Fungi. Bacteria. Compost. Every plant you eat has needed to stretch their roots in that nutrient-dense topsoil. At our […]

Family Farm Day: November 11th

Family Farm Days Return. School is out on Friday, November 11th. Play outside with us! At 10 AM, we will have activity stations set up and knowledgeable educators to facilitate* your morning in the garden. Step One: Pickup your Passport from the Grow Lunch Garden Step Two: Explore the Farm** Step Three: Collect a Stamp […]

Spring 2022 Field Trips: A Recap

During Spring 2022, we served 19 classes from 6 schools: James John Elementary, Sauvie Island School, Holy Cross, Harrison Park, and a homeschool group from Portland. We were also very excited to host Grant Watts Elementary from Scappoose for the very first time.    For 17 years, we have served the Portland Public Schools network […]

Farm Camp 2022

Summers are a whirlwind at every environmental education center and we are no exception. We held four weeks of camp: two partnered with Catlin Gabel and two organized in-house. We had four camp counselors, two managers, one volunteer, and 90 kids. It was our third summer on Topaz Farm and running programs with Covid-19 safety […]

Fall 2022 Volunteer Opportunities

Hello Friends and Farmers,   As summer camp has concluded, our thoughts turn to autumn. We will be running Field Trips at full capacity for the first season since Covid-19 began and Family Farm Days will make their return. We ask for your help in educating children about food, farming, and the land.   The […]